The blog is awesome. Classy, catchy, and full of great information. Entrepreneurs and corporate gals alike can gain a lot of insight from Corporate Melanin Millennial.
Angel D.
The feeling of being on the inside.
Kannard B.
Claims Analyst

Corporate Melanin Millennial helped me launch my career needs & goals to the next level! Being a millennial in this generation I recognize my value, assets & the talents I have to offer. CMM gave me helpful advice and just the perfect re-vamp I needed! Thank you!

Grace M.
HR Analyst
Nikki is beyond amazing ! She responds in a timely manner. Plus, she is so professional and well-mannered. She made my resume look so much better ! I applied for the position of my dreams and received a job offer for that position the same day ! I am forever grateful! It was well worth the money ! Thank you so much !!
Nikki is amazing!! She revised my resume and helped me TREMENDOUSLY get back into the workforce after being home for a year. When I got a job offer she helped me ask for more, which was my first time EVER doing that!!! I highly recommend her!
Nikki is the best! I highly recommend her for anything you need related to your career. She helped me negotiate my salary for the first time which was a HUGE help in getting me out of a toxic position. She is super knowledgeable, organized, and all around great person to work with on career goals. Thank you Nikki! <3
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Nikki’s mentorship has drastically changed the way potential employers view me — often commenting on the quality of my cover letters and professionalism of my emails and interviews. Through her help, I have attained five job interviews and gained confidence in my own professional abilities; I am now more comfortable networking both online and in person, emailing recruiters, and talking to seasoned professionals in my field. I know for a fact that without her coaching and books (which I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND AS A GIFT FOR NEW GRADUATES) I would not be where I am in my journey to finding a career and job that align with my professional and personal values and goals.
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Nikki has been nothing but professional and helpful to me. Coming back from overseas is hard enough without having to wade through the confusion of job hunting alone. She took my resume from a 2 to a 10 and I can’t thank her enough.

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