Is your LinkedIn up to par? No matter how you scored there are a few tips we could all use to optimize the job search and optimize your LinkedIn. Did you know recruiters all have LinkedIn, and use it to scout you? They look at the number of references, the number of connections, and the skills that have been endorsed. Do you think you stand out against the rest of your peers? I have some tips for your success.

  • Does your summary truly showcase your skills?
    • Don’t just add skills, make sure you are actually good at them.
  • Is your headline captivating?
    • Are you a Business Analyst or are you a Data Driven Business Process Analyst?
  • Does you experience show up & show out?
    • Ensure that all of your past jobs are there and that the experience is able to be quantified.
  • Do you have recommendations from past professors? employers?
    • If not you’re missing out on a major way to get references in advance.
  • Are you optimizing your LinkedIn for searches?
    • Make sure that you have key words in your profile, so if a recruiter is looking for a certain type of employee you will pop up.
  • Are you engaged in groups?
    • RESPOND RESPOND RESPOND! Make sure that you are networking in groups and making those connections.
  • Are you using the job search feature?
    • Use the job search feature to tune into key words, key companies, and connect with the job poster! That’s what LinkedIn is for.

There are over 600 million members on Facebook. Do you stand out?

What did you score on the quiz? Why do you think you scored that? Let me know in the comments!

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