Our coaching sessions will involve a deep dive into your past jobs, current role, what your interests are, and why they are that way. We’ll talk about your tactical skills and will go into a deep dive of your wants. 

Your first session is a really high level conversation. This is only 30 minutes. It’s free. After this session, we’ll set up a regular cadence. I’ll help you find jobs that fit into what you’re looking for. I’ll help you create the appropriate job search SEO. We’ll work on interview prep, how to locate mentors, how to develop your developmental skills, and so much more.

I’ll be your personal career GURU! Reach out & let’s get started! 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

This Session is For You If...

  • You want to grow in your career
  • You are passionate about your development
  • You are willing to put in work

This Session is NOT For You If...

  • You aren't willing to put in work
  • You won't schedule your consultations
  • You won't be transparent with not only me, but with yourself

Check out these FAQ’s to see if your questions are answered. If they’re not… feel free to reach out. 

Yes, I require a consultation before all recurring meetings. This is not only for you to make sure that I’m a good fit for you, but for me to get a feel for your needs prior to our scheduled meetings. 

This will differ per person? After our initial consultation I book the first 3 reoccuring appointments as well as take your deposit for the first appointment. 

The pricing is based on your needs. The base price starts at $75 a session. 

Click the button below! 

I’ll reach back out within 24 hours. Go download my career development guide as a starting point and get ready for our 30 meeting consultation. I can’t wait to meet you!