Career Coach Nikki- Find Your Passion & Let Your Career Align

I specialize in helping people figure out what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled in their career, while getting the salary and fullfillment you require.

The A-Z guide to Career Fulfillment

Interview Skills

Learn how to interview through mock interviews

One on one sessions

Packages include 1:1 sessions. Depending on the package you could have up to 3 a month

Attentive Listening

I listen to your problems in order to help you come up with realistic solutions

exploratory sessions

We will discover what works and what doesn't through quizzes, conversations, and educational sessions.

About the program

I offer 2 types of Career Coaching programs. One program is geared towards those new to their career, while the other delves into details about your current path and past path because of the experience you have gained. 

What my clients

I was stuck in a career rut. With Nikki's help I've been able to start a new role making $10K a year more than before.
Cecile E.
Being able to find a job that I loved meant everything to me. Nikki helped me realize exactly what I needed in a role and we accomplished it.
Keith S.
I'm not the sort of person that goes for coaching, but what can I say... Nikki came at the right time and the right place. Thanks, you helped me find a job that fit me.
Griffin F.
Oh my... I never thought I could feel so good in a simple talking session with Nikki.
Myra L.

You spend 2,000 hours a year at work. Let me show you how to make them count.