Professional Branding Workbook

Your guide to branding yourself in and out of the office. 

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Branding Yourself is Key

Nikki B. is active in the corporate and philantropic world. Sitting on numerous non-profit boards and working her way up from the bottom. She knows all about branding and is sharing those facts with you!

What Early Adopters Have to Say

I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. It resonated with my past as an interior designer working in the city alone


TThis really helped me because when it comes to branding yourself you have to sell it. This helped me dive deeper with creating a plan. I already know that networking is a huge piece of being able to connect with others and that ultimately are people who turn into your tribe. This is the part that I really related to.

South Carolina

I love that it is interactive and gets you thinking about who you are and what you aspire to be in a very simple context. I will be sure to refer back to the workbook as I build my brand and embark on my purpose. This workbook is organized and well thought out. I am excited to see the results of putting the steps in action will yield.