Engaging, dynamic, social butterfly.

Those are the words that have always been used to describe me since before I started elementary school. I love all things communication, working with people, talking to strangers. The best story I can remember is my parents consistently telling me to not talk to strangers. So you know what 5 year old me did?

“Are you a stranger? My mommy said I can’t talk to strangers, so I want to make sure that you are not a stranger.” from that moment on… I never shut up.

What makes me qualified to give career advice? Yes, I am still at the beginning of my career, but in that 3 years of professional experience I have received 3 promotions, became a college professor, and won multiple leadership awards. I have gained numerous certifications, and have completely transitioned my skill set from Communications to Tech.

I have often been the youngest person in the room, the only person of color in the room, or both. I started this blog to give others advice on how to deal with these things, how to move up to where you want to go, as well as how to keep pushing no matter how much adversity you receive.

So let’s deep dive into this crazy world of Corporate America, and navigating it as a

Corporate Melanin Millennial